To book a lesson with CyberGolf Lessons please call 647.801.5468. Depending on location, included in all private and semi-private lessons is a video of your swing with the Casio high speed camera. Videos taken during the lesson will be provided following the lesson and will not be shown during the lessons. With CyberGolf Lessons, you will have the ability to upload, save, share and compare your video swing results at anytime during and after your lessons.

Prices at the Markham Golf Dome: See map for Markham Dome below

Instruction Type Cost
30 Minute Private Lesson $40
45 Minute Private Lesson $60
Series of 3 Private Lessons $165
Series of 5 Private Lessons $250
2-Some 1 Hour Semi-Private Lesson $80
2-Some Series of 5 Semi-Private Lessons $180pp
3-Some Series of 5 Semi-Private Lessons $135pp
Custom Clinic (4 People or More) 5 x 1 Hour Lessons $105pp
Casio High Speed Taping of your swing $10

Todd Miller - CPGA Certified


Buy lessons online Certificates available

* pp - is per person
* Balls not included in clinic lessons
* Call for additional prices and custom programs at 647.801.5468.

Lessons include:

  • <> PGA Certified (18 years teaching with the CPGA)
  • <> Casio High Speed Video of swing during private lessons (depending on location)
  • <> Ability to store swings from lessons and save for future comparison
  • <> Ability to track your progress and compare to the best in the world
  • <> Over 60 PGA Swings to compare yourself to and learn from
  • <> Online Software package to track your handicap, game statistics and practice sessions
  • <> Work closely with Cyber's pros to diagnose game improving strategies
  • <> Ability to send your video swing(s) remotely if desired
  • <> Create your own league and track results on the leaderboard
  • <> Join the leaderboard group(s)
  • <> Much more